The Boss


Kaz enjoys  making her staff take her for walks outside.

She loves treats and her humans have a Winnebago for sale,
              as she  dislikes it.

Gabriel - Assistant to the Boss


Gabriel is only a year old but he takes his job very serious.

Duke - Head of Collections


Duke has agreed to take on Collections in 2019.  He is the boss's boyfriend and was finally talked into the job.

Beth Carhart - General Manager


  Having over 30 years experience in accounting and business services, Beth is the working partner at Nunniyer Business. She is accredited to teach all the major accounting software. Her dedication to excellence creates an atmosphere of efficiency and precision in the office. She works hard with the community, running a small charity that distributes backpacks full of supplies to Ottawa’s homeless.  

Christine Hedden - Office Manager


  Born and raised in the Ottawa area, Christine is married with two daughters.  Her skills as an administrator keep the office moving smoothly. She brings laughter to the office with clever words of wisdom, helping to infuse life into accounting business. She loves reading, movies and driving the office nuts.  

Mark Roop - Accounting Manager


 Born and  raised in Ottawa, Mark has followed his love of numbers into the accounting  field, which led him to graduate from Algonquin College. Currently, working  at Nunniyer allows him to learn and grow, while working with a solid and  supportive team.

Terra Colough - Bookkeeper


 Terra has been with the firm for a few years. She has done data entry for a few years at other companies. Her attention to detail means she gets the job done quickly and properly. Terra enjoys walks and photography.  

Marinia Stathakis - Office Admin


Marina was born and raised in Montreal.  She happily made the move to Ottawa in 2015, and has LOVED everything Ottawa has had to offer ever since.

Her laughter and crazy sense of humor brings on smiles even when Collecting payments.  She enjoys - outdoors, concerts, parks, going to movies, cats, cooking and eating.

Sean McRae - Bookkeeper


Sean was born and raised in Ottawa and enjoys anything to do with numbers.  He graduated from Algonquin College in 2019 with a diploma in accounting.  He has a strong work ethic and attention to detail.  In the future Sean hopes to travel the world.

Shannon Stearns - Bookkeeper

Born and raised in Crleton Place

 Born & raised in Carleton Place, ON.  Loves: family, friends, outdoors, sunshine, water sports, concerts and good food.  The person that holds me the most accountable is my dog Bubba.

Alma Bosque - Bookkeeper

Alma recently graduated from business magment in 2019. Hired on with Nunniyer Business after her int

Alma recently graduated from Business Management in 2019.  Hired on with Nunnuyer Business after her internship, due to her strong work ethic, excellent communication and willingness to try new things.  This is a new career for this married mother of three.  Her motto in life is quite simply "Nothing is impossible in life if you do all that you can".  Alma enjoys spending time with her family and cooking.